January 29, 2007

How did Hasbro miss this?

Every now and then you get a prop request that's stupid easy.

In I LOVE YOU BECAUSE, one of the characters gives his girlfriend a "My Little Pony" abacus.

Conveniently, "My Little Pony" never actually included an abacus in its offerings. So I had to MAKE one. Fortunately, they DID make convenient stickers.

The character adds "Can you believe someone was throwing this away?" after he gives it to his lover, so I didn't worry about the spots I missed on the beads, or the places where the pink undercoat shows through the deeper pink finish coat. But the wear line in the top photo is, well, wear.

Next up: My Little Pony accessories for more mature little girls. (Get your mind out of the gutter! Although, truth be told, that IS where I was going with it....)

For completeness, here's how the abacus started out:

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