July 26, 2011

Debt Crisis: It's Your Fault

So I couldn't help notice the results of a recent CNN poll:

Now, it's great that so many people took 5 seconds to click on the poll.  But if you're part of the 57% who isn't contacting your congresscritter and chewing them out, then you're part of the problem.  And if your congresscritter is already voting per your wishes, then contact his or her opponent and let them have it.

Our democracy only works if we're all participating. And if you're bitching about the results while not voting or contacting your elected representatives, you have only yourself to blame for our current woes.


  1. I'm hoping that everyone remembers this BS and these morons in Washington when election time rolls around, but of course, we Americans have such short memories.

  2. remember all these idiots at election time--all politicians are guilty....we need to get them out of washington.