January 16, 2011

CBS4: Cheese BrainS 4 South Florida

This is what the editorially challenged CBS4 news team posted on their home page Sunday evening:

There are three glaring flaws that anyone who knows anything about South Florida would catch:
  1. The Broward clinic in question is not in Miami.  It is not even in Miami-Dade County.  It's in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, in Broward County.  It has no business being listed under "Miami News." 
  2. "Broward Center" is not a generic term in South Florida.  It names a specific place.  The Broward Center is the performance venue in Fort Lauderdale, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, and there was no explosion there, no one died there - at least not in the last few years - and it hasn't been closed for a year and a half.  The article is in fact about the NEUBAUER Center, more formally the Neubauer Hyperbaric Oxygen Neurologic Center.
  3. Lake Worth is also not in Miami.  In fact, it is farther outside Miami than either the Broward Center or the Neubauer Center.
So, within a couple of inches, CBS4 got two locations wrong, and made a completely false statement about a venerated institution with a 20 year history in South Florida. 

I wonder what other really basic and easy to confirm facts these cheese-for-brains have put up on their site?

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