October 23, 2010

Meet Mark S. Roth: Hillcrest's Biggest Asshole

WPLG Channel 10 brings us a chilling story.  Imagine you park your car in your assigned spot at your condominium.  It's your car, it's paid for, done deal.  It's your spot, paid for.

You go out of town.  And while you're away, the condo association decides to re-pave the lot.  And when you come back,  you no longer have a car.

That's what happened to Diana Lilue.  She left, knowing her car was safe and secure at home.  Only, it wasn't. 

Now, the association could have had the car towed to another parking lot in the complex.  It could have had it towed off-site, and returned.  It could have charged the owner to do this, in either case, and been fully justified to do so.

Instead, Mark S. Roth, president of the condo association and the worst neighbor in human history, told the towing company to "tow it away."  Which they did.  And then they sold the $15,000 car for $1,448.88 to cover the cost of towing it and storing it.

Technically, it wasn't stolen, so she can't collect insurance on it. 

Technically, the towing company was legally engaged to remove it.

Technically, the yawning cesspool jokingly referred to as "condo law" permits the association to remove vehicles that were in the way.

But, as noted above, it could have been moved to another location, or returned later.  The towing company even states that that is what most condo associations do.  After all, at the end of the day, your fellow condo owner is your neighbor.  Just because a thing is legal, it does not follow that it is right.  Roth's action, while legal, was humanly irresponsible.

But Mark S. Roth apparently doesn't give a shit about his neighbors, or doing a turn for someone who is ultimately a partner in a cooperative venture.  He's the kind of sleazeball who gives condo associations a bad name.  He's the guy who's made the term "condo association" derogatory.

And of course, he knows he's an asshole.  Given a chance to tell Channel 10 that it was simply "an association matter" or that "it was nothing personal,"  Roth intead completely ignores reporter Jeff Weinsier, marching up to the condo's concierge desk and demanding that the police be called to remove the reporter and his crew.

"But we're guests of Diana (Lilue)!" Wiensier protested.  "You're not guests of the association!" Roth barks.

How does an asshole like Roth live with himself?  Easy - he's an asshole.  Asshole's just don't give a sh*t about other people.

So watch out if you're near Hollywood's Hillcrest Condominium - it's being run by an asshole.


  1. Of course he's an asshole. He's jew lawyer.

  2. I know Jews; most of them are caring, giving people.

    I know lawyers; most of them are honest men and women trying to help people.

    I know some Jewish lawyers, and at least one of them is among the finest men I now.

    Roth is an asshole because that's what he is; it has nothing to do with being Jewish or a lawyer.
    Roth is an asshole because given choices, he chooses to be an asshole. Asshole is as asshole does. One can be Jewish AND a lawyer WITHOUT being an asshole.

    Conversely, one can be an asshole without being Jewish or a lawyer; one could cower behind a cloak of anonymity while casting slurs and aspersions on a culture and a profession, for instance. Asshole is as...well, you get the idea.

  3. As a Jew I find Mark Roth an embarrassment to the Jewish people. He could have had the car towed and returned back to it's space, but unfortunately these condo commando's think they are G-D. They are really sick small people! You know what else they call condo commandos!!Unfortunately these men are all over Florida, and running my building also.

  4. Mark S. Roth is a douche bag

  5. someone who has access should check Roth's legal record and how the Florida State Bar dealt with him.

  6. I know this man and he is not anything like the article portrays. As a matter of fact, he is quite the opposite.

    Each condo resident is given opportunity to register vehicles and be issued a car decal for proactive I.D. purposes.

    I don't believe that we have a accurate portrayal of the complete story.

    Mark Roth is a respected and educated hillcrest citizen and a gentleman.

    If anything became evident based on the Headline, context and comments written is that bigotery and course communication is well represented.

    May resident D.L. and boardmembers reach an agreement beneficial to all!

    R.I. Bldg 26 Hillcrest

  7. Anonymous, you seem to be under the mistaken impression that Roth didn't know whose car he was towing. He did. He could have chosen several options that would have fallen short of legalized theft; he didn't.

    He may seem like a pleasant man, but his actions reveal him for what he really is; the biggest asshole in Hillcrest, and a complete failure as a human being.

  8. I've had the "pleasure" of meeting him and all the other corpses running the association at that building. This does not surprise me at all, it's about the same throughout all 55+ associations in Florida. They have nothing left to do and know they will probably die in their sleep any day so they like the "power" they have left I guess. It's been a while since this was written but I found this funny and on point.