August 1, 2009

Joe Kaplan: Dumber than a Chicken

Well, Joe Kaplan apparently doesn't own a dictionary, or understand that words have specific meanings. He's ordered the eviction of Mr. Clucky, stating that the pet is poultry, even though that is an entirely false statement.

Let's look again at the definition of poultry, from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
  • Function: noun
  • Etymology: Middle English pultrie, from Anglo-French pulletrie, from pulleter poulterer, from pullet chicken — more at pullet
  • Date: 14th century

: domesticated birds kept for eggs or meat

No matter how you examine it, the fact remains that Mr. Clucky is a pet. He is not poultry. It's not rocket science, but sadly Kaplan is too stupid to grasp the obvious. One has to wonder what other mind-boggingly obvious mistakes Kaplan's made in his position of power.

Mr. Buckley has not violated 10-15. And that is simply the truth of the matter.

Our laws use precise language, and the language in this case is very clear. Yet Mr. Kaplan has chosen to ignore language. He's instead done exactly what the law forbids: he has arbitrarily applied a standard that the letter of law does NOT support.

Joe Kaplan is a menace. We deserve officials who obey the laws, and not ones who make up arguments to serve some hidden bureacratic agenda.

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