January 31, 2008

Broward School Board Betrays Us.

Imagine you're a thirteen year old girl.

Imagine that while you're one the bus, three boys jump on you and try to stick their tongues down your throat. Imagine the grab at your most private places. Imagine they rip open your shirt.

Imagine the bus driver looks in the rear-view mirror, then looks away.

Imagine that you're so humiliated you can't bring yourself to tell your parents.

Imagine the next day it happens again.

At least one Broward County girl doesn't have to imagine it; she actually went through this back in October.

Bus driver Harry Toussaint watched the whole thing, and did nothing. He didn't yell at the boys to stop, he didn't stop the bus, and he didn't stop the boys. He didn't report it. Why is that? Is it possible that he enjoyed watching a little girl being assaulted by three thugs? He still works for the Broward school system, although he's been "re-assigned to a job away from students."
"...the bus driver did not intervene. The tape shows two of the boys exchanging high-fives as they got off the bus... One is heard telling the driver to 'check back there, because I left somebody dead back there...' ''
- Miami Herald, Jan 31 2008
The School Board suspended the boys for 2 of the 3 days. One of them was suspended for five days. Number 3? Who knows? From the school's record so far, maybe they gave him a certificate.

All three of them are back at school, where they can intimidate their victim further, on a daily basis.

The girl's mother has received restraining orders against the boys; the most recent issued last month. It bars the boys from coming within 500 feet of the boys.

The School Board, and the school's administration, have pretty much ignored the order.
''There is not a directive or information contained in the restraining
order to reassign either group -- either the victim or the perpetrator
-- to another site,''
- Miami Herald, Jan 31 2008
Who knew that you needed a court order to do the right thing? I though that was part of being a responsible adult. The fact is that the particulars of the order can only be met by moving the boys to another school; it doesn't matter that the order doesn't specify it when the only way you can meet its conditions is by doing it.

This girl sees her abusers every day; her mother now drives her to school every day. It took a lawyer's specific complaint to get one of the thugs out of the gymnasium during the victim's gym class.

Recently, one of these crass little shits sat down at across from his victim in the cafeteria; the assistant principal told the VICTIM to "eat quickly and move on."

The thing is, it's the person who has a court order keeping them away that should have been told to move on, and not with any delay. The assistant principal is either a dire idiot or an utter scumbag. Either way, this person has no business working in our schools.

That the court order didn't specify moving any of the parties involved is irrelevant; it specifically ordered that THE BOYS be kept 500 feet from THE VICTIM at all times. If the boys are within 500 feet of the girl at any time of the day - even if they are in another room - they are in contempt of the court order. Since we know that the incompetent school administration let the boys be in the same room with her on a regular basis, it can be demonstrated that they have ignored the court order.

The school in absolutely in contempt of court; and Superintendent Notter and the Administration should be held immediately accountable. The school's Principal and Assistant Principal should spend a night in a jail cell, along with Jim Notter. Throw 'em in the same cell.

Isn't that what they do to people who ignore court orders?

The Broward School Board, the administration of the victim's school, and Harry Toussaint have all betrayed the public trust and the welfare of our children. Toussaint should have been dismissed immediately, and both the principal and assistant principal should be dismissed with with prejudice.

And School superintendent Jim Notter? He "acknowledges there were missteps." Bully for you. But you weren't given your position of responsibility to "acknowledge missteps." You are there by our mandate to PREVENT those missteps, and to FIX those missteps.

It's past time for every employee who contributed to this mess stand up at a press conference and offer their most sincere apologies for utterly fucking up their jobs and screwing over the children they were supposed to protect. It's not enough to do it just to the victim tucked out of sight; these slimeballs should feel a small portion of the public humiliation they've heaped on this 13 year old girl.

And if you can't do that, get out of town. We don't need your kind of incompetence in the schools.

Frankly, I don't understand how Notter and these other school staffers can sleep at night. I guess when you're an utter scumbag, you don't have a conscience to let you know when you've abandoned any pretense of decency.

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