September 14, 2007

Random Maniacism...ManiacaLism...umm... Random BS.

Interesting little plot unravelling at The Coconut Grove Grapevine . It looks like someone is trying to create a whoopla over nothing.

It starts with someone emailing the blogger and asking for help contacting the board of the beleaguered Coconut Grove Playhouse. This the email that CGGV received and posted on their blog:
"Any of you guys there no how I can get in touch with Shelly Spivack. Bank of America may be interested in getting involved in helping out the Playhouse.
Nothing about this little missive rings true: first, I can't believe that any legitimate representative of the BoA would try to contact the board via a weblog. Second, the spelling mistake is awfully noticeable, and I can't believe a legitimate BoA rep wouldn't have caught it.

But then we look into the comments section, and something truly bizarre is going on, and I'm not just referring to the fact that all the posts are from "anonymous."

The middle comment seems to be legit, it's the first and third that are funky: the first comes up with something out of the blue: "WHAT HAPPENED TO PLAYHOUSE PARKING LOT I HEAR IT WAS SOLD?"

Several years ago, the CGP did try to sell the parking lot - and very publicly did NOT do it. Never happened. The public was all over the theater's board of directors. Since last April, the theater has been closed while the board tries to figure out what they can do to save the theater. They just spent a wad of dough to prevent foreclosure on a property across the parking lot from the theater, but again, that's very obviously NOT the parking lot. (The property is referred to as "The Bike Shop," because when the Theater orignally acquired it, it was...well, I think you get it.)

So that's a weird comment, strange but innocent in and of itself.

But then, "anonymous" picks that comment and runs deep into left field with it:

"I am so disappointed that Bank of America would ..."

First, as far as we can tell, BoA hasn't done ANYTHING. We have an alleged but completely unverified person claiming to represent BoA, but no evidence that this person really does have anything to do with BoA.

But there's more:

"IF true, it is also a disappointment to learn the adjacent parking lot was sold."

Wait, one person TYPING IN ALL CAPS asks a disjointed question, and this whacko's already disappointed? We don't know that BoA is up to anything, and there is NO actual report of the parking lot being sold, "anonymous" is investing a lot in this.

BUT WAIT! He's still not finished:
"What has disappointed me more than all of the news above..."

WHAT news? There's no NEWS in there. Prior to the three comments I captured, you have one person rapping the Grapevine for being suspicious of the spelling error, and me saying the whole thing sounds suspicious.

OK, OK, OK, this poor guy is just trying to be funny. The whole thing's a joke, and the punchline is:

"...rename it the Related Group Playhouse."
Ha. Ha ha.
I think my approach was more...interesting.

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