July 9, 2007

Museum Park

I recently did what very few people do these days: I visited Bicentennial Park. There's been a lot of heated discussion about carving out a section of the park and building museums on it. Those for moving the museums into the park argue that they will become a reason for going to the park, and they maintain that hardly any space is being lost.

I've pointed out that museums tend to grow; today they want to needlessly carve 8 acres out of the site instead of taking over some of the blighted lots in the city already designated to hold buildings. I can hear the arguments in 20 years or so: "But we're only talking another 6 acres."

I decided to visit the site, and see for myself what "just eight acres" looks like. I also overlayed the proposal in Google Earth. You can download it HERE. I'll be posting more shots of the park under commentary on Bicentennial Park, and still others on Camera-Ephemera, without commentary .
So here's the shots where Museum Park will be:

A shot of the entire museum site from the edge of Biscayne Bay. Everything in view here will be under the two museums. The trees across the meadow are along Biscayne Boulevard.

Half of this field falls in the museum zone, and everything beyond the far strip of pavement.

Everything beyond this hillside (and that strip of pavement) will be under museum.

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