December 15, 2006

Our Feckless Hero Faces the Unknown.

It's the season. You know that it is.

I know you saw the first signs in the store - a few weeks ago, just before thanksgiving. Maybe the week after Halloween, you were strolling past the dairy section when it caught your eye:


Creamy and yellow, thick and delicious. I know you love it, you know you do.

OK, so I can rhapsodize on egg nog, but how is this a "product review?"

I'll tell you.

I was shopping yesterday, and managed to pass up the half-gallon, the quart size, and yes, even the innocuous little pints that seem so small and harmless while packing enough calories to reverse a famine. Righteous in my self control, I went to the yogurt section, and began stocking up.

Publix brand, 7 for $4. grumble grumble odd numbers....lessee, two strawberry, two blueberry....peach? nah. black cherry? mm, nah. Blackberry, ok, I'll go with that. Now, one more. One more makes seven. OCD kicks in, I can't have THREE of one thing, and only TWO of everything else. Mmm. ARrrrrgh. Which to ch....

"Egg Nog?" Really? Egg nog YOGURT? Is that even legal? I certainly wouldn't want TWO of them, that's fer sure.

OK. Egg Nog it is.

It sat on the shelf in the fridge for two days. I admit, I was a-feared of it. unnatural thing. ABOMINATION!

So I uncapped it tonight, and dug in. AND......


It's not hideously sweet, or sickeningly cloying, but it doesn't taste much like egg nog, either. If you had me taste it at random, I would furrow my brow and suggest.... maybe.....kinda-sorta.......pumpkin pie..... without the pumpkin.

Yeah, I know, that makes no SENSE. But it's the nearest I can come up with. I think it's because the primary flavoring is nutmeg. It's got kind of a spicy warmth, a hint of sweetness. Not bad. Not great. Not worth it.

So grab a vanilla to fill out the batch or double the order to make an even number.

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